The Incredibly Shrinking Newsroom

Strategically Speaking: A Blog by Denha Media Group It is a decade-old saga that continues here in Metro Detroit — the incredibly shrinking newsroom. Three Detroit television reporters are just the latest causalities in the downsizing trend we have seen in news over the last decade. Soon to be off the air are Murray Feldman, Jason Carr and Lee Thomas; they are all leaving FOX 2 News, and it doesn’t appear to be a personal decision. Contracts are up and they won’t be renewed, according to reports. Feldman is FOX 2’s “money man.” He’s been reporting and anchoring at the [...]

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Give Me A Social Media Minute, Please

Strategically Speaking: A Blog by Denha Media Group That’s all it really takes to get involved in social media — just a few minutes to participate on social media sites. You do not have to be on Facebook for hours at a time for your messaging to be effective. Engaging on social media not only helps with branding, but it also enhances your marketability in the industry. There are simple ways to start using social media to promote your company and brand your business. Tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest and blogging are promotional techniques anyone [...]

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