10 Questions you need to ask yourself before creating website content

It amazes me how many web designers that I talk with create websites for clients who have no content.  So, you realize your company needs a website or an updated one but you have only thought out the design and not the messages.  As content creators, we focus on all platforms, including websites, and are often referred to by web designers to write content. We create written landing pages to entire websites.  Over the years, we have created the top 10 questions people need to ask before we create the website content. […]

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Don’t Hijack the Reporter’s Story

I get it. It’s your story and perhaps you even pitched it but don’t try to take over what the reporter is writing. I realize the importance of controlling your message. I consult clients on this all the time.  It can be done without irritating the reporter doing the story. This is most important when a media outlet reaches out to you. If someone calls to use you in the article or news story or even write an entire story about you or your company, first be grateful; that’s assuming it’s a positive story. If you are battling a crisis, [...]

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Advertising the Message

Your advertisements should tell your story. Ads can be created for traditional platforms such as radio, TV, print publications, billboards and they can also be created for social media and other internet marketing platforms. You can also create marketing materials that tell your story or at least tease it. The success of those ads will depend on your content. What messages are you delivering to your potential customers and clients? […]

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Are You Telling Stories?

We told a lot of stories this past month but unlike something children would say, they were all true. There are many ways to tell a story and various platforms to deliver that story. One of the first things we do in strategy is to identify the story. What makes a story? […]

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Minding the Media

Do you have a story to tell? Media relationships are instrumental when securing an interview, but the key is really having a story to tell. The first thing we do with our clients is to identify their stories. Once you know your stories, we then help our clients figure out how to tell them and to whom. There really is not a one-size fits all approach to media messages. Not all reporters are going to care about the same story. The way you deliver a message to the media may not be the same way you tell your story to [...]

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