Advertising the Message

Your advertisements should tell your story. Ads can be created for traditional platforms such as radio, TV, print publications, billboards and they can also be created for social media and other internet marketing platforms. You can also create marketing materials that tell your story or at least tease it. The success of those ads will depend on your content. What messages are you delivering to your potential customers and clients? […]

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Stop The Verbal Vomiting

Strategically Speaking: A Blog by Denha Media Group After I premised the topic and introduced the guest, I started the interview on my public affairs show with, “Tell me about this event.” The guest on the other end of the line proceeded not only to tell me about the upcoming community event, but also about the history of the organization, the people they help, the money they have raised and all of their future events. Ten minutes into the interview, I began to think of the listeners flipping the station. He was verbally vomiting all over my show. I asked [...]

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