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Minding the Media

Do you have a story to tell? Media relationships are instrumental when securing an interview, but the key is really having a story to tell. The first thing we do with our clients is to identify their stories. Once you know your stories, we then help our clients figure out how to tell them and to whom. There really is not a one-size fits all approach to media messages. Not all reporters are going to care about the same story. The way you deliver a message to the media may not be the same way you tell your story to [...]

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Setting New Heights for the New Year!

Strategically Speaking: A Blog by Denha Media Group Are you setting new heights as you communicate, collaborate and connect in 2017? As you set out to communicate your messages, connect with clients or customers and collaborate on projects in 2017, you need to first evaluate what you did in 2016 and check off what worked and what didn’t. […]

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Quotable Quotes and Sound Soundbites

Strategically Speaking: A Blog by Denha Media Group When I worked in radio, I spent a significant amount of time sifting through interviews searching for the sound bite. In print journalism, it’s the quote. When you are being interviewed, it is important to stay on message. Don’t let the reporter get you off track or don’t go on a tangent about something completely unrelated. A reporter’s time is valuable and in today’s immediate news demands, they have less time than ever to spend interviewing people. However, giving a good quote or sound bite means you have to say something new, [...]

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