Communicate with the Intent to Learn

How intentional are you with your communication? You may be one of those people who dread networking events or meeting new people but perhaps you need to change your mindset.  Engage in small talk with new people with the intention to learn something new. Instead of focusing on what you are going to say, go into the conversation ready to gain new information and get in the mindset to ask questions. Learn about that person, what he does and what you could learn from him. Ask the person about his or her expertise or career. Listen to the answers, be [...]

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No longer the new kid

By Ashourina Slewo If you had asked me during my last semester at Wayne State where I thought I would end up after graduation, I would not have an answer for you. I have great passion for journalism, but for a 20-something fresh out of college, you are usually met with rejection or unpaid internships and to a certain extent, even passion is not enough. That’s where I was. That is until I got a very brief email from my professor asking me if I would be interested in writing for The Chaldean News. […]

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