Be Your Best by Mastering Your Strengths and Managing Your Weaknesses

7 Tips to help guide you as you reach goals using your talents You might already be thinking about the New Year and what you hope to accomplish. It is this time of the year when I review my goals from last year and work on the goals for the upcoming year. In recent years, I have centered my goals on my strengths and learning to manage my weaknesses. My overall goal is always to be a better version of myself than I was last year and that includes mastering my strengths. You must first know your talents. We are [...]

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How do we grow in our comfort zones?

A few years ago, my daughter convinced me to zipline while vacationing in Costa Rica. I never imagined ziplining on a small easy course near my home let alone flying at speeds of 20-25 miles per hour on lines up to 50 feet in the air and 780 feet in length. It wasn't in my comfort zone, so I thought. Our adventure began on horseback, riding up to the top of a mountain. We then headed on a zipline that routed us through trees and across the slopes of a mountain. The view was truly breathtaking. It was scary at [...]

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5 Keys to Creating an Effective Meeting Agenda

If a meeting goes longer than 90 minutes, I have tuned out. In fact, after 60 minutes, I start to think about other things I have to do unless I am totally engaged in the conversation. I have sat on many boards over the years, and the organizations that are the most productive are those that conduct productive meetings. Every meeting needs an agenda and a strategy. I have attended thousands of meetings in my lifetime. As a communications coach, I have taken note of the disconnects when it comes to conducting a meeting.  I have identified five keys to [...]

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