Focus on Your Word Choices

5 Deflating Phrases replaced by 5 Empowering Ones. It’s been eight months since my daughter decided to change her health habits. She gave up sugar and white flour, just a couple of changes she made.  She works out five to six days a week, sometimes with a trainer. We were at a family wedding, and she was checking out the desserts and said, I can’t have any. I quickly replied, “no, you choose not to have any.” The word choices are part of our mindset. My daughter could eat the cake if she wanted to eat it; she was choosing [...]

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10 Questions you need to ask yourself before creating website content

It amazes me how many web designers that I talk with create websites for clients who have no content.  So, you realize your company needs a website or an updated one but you have only thought out the design and not the messages.  As content creators, we focus on all platforms, including websites, and are often referred to by web designers to write content. We create written landing pages to entire websites.  Over the years, we have created the top 10 questions people need to ask before we create the website content. […]

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