Prince: The Man, The Music and The Media

Strategically Speaking: A Blog by Denha Media Group Everyone seems to have a favorite Prince song, a memorable concert or if you’re lucky, a piece of signed memorabilia. My sister Sandra had an actual Prince moment. It was the 80s, around the time Purple Rain hit the airwaves and movie theaters.  Sandra was 20-something on vacation with some girlfriends. They headed to Hollywood and ended up at a hair salon on Rodeo Drive. While inside, they spotted Prince. In her excitement, Sandra snapped a photo but not without his bodyguard noticing. He actually followed her out of the salon with [...]

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7 Ways To Turnaround That Tarnished Image

Strategically Speaking: A Blog by Denha Media Group Many celebrities have bounced back from tarnished images and Mel Gibson, I would guess, hopes to be one of them — if he can just manage to get his communication under control. Many actors have been linked to audio or video scandals, but Gibson seems to have taken it to whole new level. His vicious rants on tape depict an angry and perhaps troubled man. Gibson appears to be an equal opportunity offender in his voicemail message to his girlfriend Oksana — he managed to offend just about every race, origin, and [...]

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