How are you using your strengths throughout your day?

As I look at my top 10 talents in my CliftonStrengths® Report, I reflect on how I have used each throughout the day. Communications is number two for me and since I am a talk show host and a communications strategist, content creator and coach, I use that talent the most. Input is number one for me and consuming information is also something that I view as a strength. I read books, articles, and blogs on a regular basis. I also have individualization, intellection, and connectedness in my top 10. I use these three strengths most when I'm tapping into [...]

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What talents are you bringing to the next networking event?

There are many reasons why people want to network with others. I'm always encouraging clients to connect, collaborate and communicate with the community on a regular basis. It is not prudent to attend an event without a strategic plan. That plan starts with knowing what talents you will bring with you. My own Gallup Strength Assessment identified the top 10 talents I use to network. I am a communicator. I am someone who likes to learn and someone who likes to seek input from others. Those are just some of the talents I bring when I head to a networking [...]

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Focus on Your Talents

We all have talents or gifts. In Christian communities, they are often called charisms which people are blessed with upon baptism or perhaps you refer to them as God-given talents. Well, we all have them. However, not everyone is aware of their own or knows how to use them. Once identified, you can transform those talents into strengths. You can take the Clifton Strengths assessment which I have and use with my clients. This identifies 34 themes. Your top 10 talents are also identified and when used often can turn into strengths. I highly recommend this tool and I facilitate [...]

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Focus Friday: Focus on the Message!

The Interview is a Conversation, not a Monologue I had a 14-minute interview scheduled with a guest on my Show Epiphany which airs Ave Maria Radio. He engaged in one my biggest pet peeves.  He shared all his information in the first questions asked. He was informative but longwinded. I managed to get in two questions during the entire interview and ended having to cut him off.  I despise interrupting a guest in mid-sentence, but we ran out of time. This is not the first time this has happened with someone I have interviewed. When I sense someone is answering [...]

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Do you have good health habits?

Let's Get Moving with the 30-Day Healthy Living Program Do you have ideal health habits? I know I don't. It's why I am venturing on a new journey. I am creating new habits focused on my health. I logged in five miles of walking on Saturday, two miles enjoying the scenic walking path at a nearby park with my daughter. On this Monday of my birthday, I decided to start the 30-Day Healthy Living Program with Arbonne. I am inviting anyone interested to join me on this journey. My teenage daughter kick-started her healthy living program with Arbonne protein shakes [...]

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Know the Endgame

Know your goals and create the plan. Knowing where you want to go is one thing but knowing how to get there is something else. I often ask clients: What's Your Story? It's one of our company's signature questions. What's the Plan? That's another signature question. As a coach, I often have question-guided conversations with my clients. They have big goals and small goals. In each session, the client sets the agenda. He shares what he wants to focus on during our time and often, it's a specific goal in mind. It might be something he wants to accomplish in [...]

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Focus on Your Word Choices

5 Deflating Phrases replaced by 5 Empowering Ones. It’s been eight months since my daughter decided to change her health habits. She gave up sugar and white flour, just a couple of changes she made.  She works out five to six days a week, sometimes with a trainer. We were at a family wedding, and she was checking out the desserts and said, I can’t have any. I quickly replied, “no, you choose not to have any.” The word choices are part of our mindset. My daughter could eat the cake if she wanted to eat it; she was choosing [...]

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Communicate your Calendars at the next Team Meeting.

Communicate your Calendars at the next Team Meeting. I live by my calendar and list of tasks. I have an on-going to-do-list on my phone and then I hand write daily lists on a notepad that sits on desk. Occasionally, I review my clients lists and the work I am doing for them and assess if this is the best use of my time based on the agreement. I also look at my weekly and monthly calendar and review my goals to see if what I have committed to will ultimately help me reach my goals. Are we busy working [...]

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Be Coached before Becoming a Coach

Just because you played the game doesn’t mean you can coach a team. That was the thought that came to mind when my daughter ran into issues with a particular coach. She was new to the game and was looking forward to learning how to play and being part of a team. Little did we realize is that her coach wasn’t interested in teaching the basics of the game but was more interested in working with players who could win games. I am all about winning. It’s why we compete, right? However, I am not about disregarding others for the [...]

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