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Be Coached before Becoming a Coach

Just because you played the game doesn’t mean you can coach a team. That was the thought that came to mind when my daughter ran into issues with a particular coach. She was new to the game and was looking forward to learning how to play and being part of a team. Little did we realize is that her coach wasn’t interested in teaching the basics of the game but was more interested in working with players who could win games. I am all about winning. It’s why we compete, right? However, I am not about disregarding others for the [...]

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What are you saying to yourself?

In some way or another you are a leader. It maybe just meaning leading your life in a positive direction. If you want to be a leader, you have to start speaking like one. That includes being a leader in your own life. I am a firm believer that where and how you move depends on how you communicate, especially to yourself. I am coaching a client who is transitioning into a new job while coping with her anxiety. After just a couple of sessions, she realized that most of her anxiety comes from what she tells herself. “I have [...]

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You know more than you think you do!

Have you ever had someone ask you an important question about your life and you answer, “I don’t know!” I had a client seeking career coaching and in the first session, she responded “I don’t know” more than a dozen times. As a coach, that response can be frustrating. The thing is most people have the answers within themselves and a coach walks along with clients to help pull those answers out. If you don’t think you know, do you know who might? Do you know where you might find the information? I have responded to many questions in my [...]

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Communicating, Connecting and Collaborating

How will you make the most of the next networking event you attend? The more you go out to meet people and engage in conversation, the more you will naturally network. It won’t seem so challenging and awkward. It’s not just about collecting a business card. It’s truly about Communicating, Connecting and Collaborating with others. It’s about building relationships. It’s about listening to others. When coaching and consulting clients, these three key pillars of networking are often addressed. As coaches and consultants, we ask our clients a lot of questions that will lead them into achieving their goals. When they [...]

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Four Strategic Positions for Strong Leadership

A fort is defined as a fortified building or strategic position. It’s also viewed as military construction or building designed for defense. Leaders need that same protection against a breakdown inside an organization.  The FORT has four solid pillars that make up its design.  A FORT can be defined as a strategic position or a castle like your own home, company, organization or office.  That strategic position takes four approaches. Or, you can view the place as being built on solid ground with four solid beams.  The FORT and its four pillars can create a solid foundation and strategic plan [...]

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5 ways to motivate instead of deflate employees

As the owner or manager of the business, you have a variety of responsibilities including managing a team of people. You not only have to manage teams and departments, but you have to motivate people.  There is a defined line between being a leader who coaches and one who criticizes. There are employees who need to be micromanaged; if you are not keeping a check list of their responsibilities, they may not get done. There are self-motivating employees who have bosses who micromanage even if they don’t need it. Both have negative affects on the work environment. Regardless, people make [...]

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A Look Back at 2018

This past year has proven to be quite fruitful here at Denha Media Group. We have had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of organizations and people. For that, we are grateful. From publications and content creation to helping others to effectively communicate their stories, we have been able to continue our services as Communication Strategists and Content Creators. Below are just some of our highlights from 2018. Our work with the Chaldean News continued this year as we got to be on the ground floor in the Chaldean community, discussing pertinent issues affecting hundreds. During the midterm elections, we [...]

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Crime Remains King While Positive PR Plays the Pawn in Detroit’s Comeback Swing

Strategically Speaking: A Blog by Denha Media Group It’s the Monday after the Grand Prix and just a couple of days following the Mackinac Policy Conference, and my morning scan of the media was a breaking news story that is a strong reminder that Detroit cannot escape it’s number one problem ­– crime. Crime will always over shadow any positive PR. It’s the old adage that if bleeds it leads and boy have we been bleeding. The first Twitter feed I read that morning was from Tom Jordan and WWJ: “Police investigate Triple Murder on City’s West Side.” […]

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Prince: The Man, The Music and The Media

Strategically Speaking: A Blog by Denha Media Group Everyone seems to have a favorite Prince song, a memorable concert or if you’re lucky, a piece of signed memorabilia. My sister Sandra had an actual Prince moment. It was the 80s, around the time Purple Rain hit the airwaves and movie theaters.  Sandra was 20-something on vacation with some girlfriends. They headed to Hollywood and ended up at a hair salon on Rodeo Drive. While inside, they spotted Prince. In her excitement, Sandra snapped a photo but not without his bodyguard noticing. He actually followed her out of the salon with [...]

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