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Be Your Best by Mastering Your Strengths and Managing Your Weaknesses

7 Tips to help guide you as you reach goals using your talents You might already be thinking about the New Year and what you hope to accomplish. It is this time of the year when I review my goals from last year and work on the goals for the upcoming year. In recent years, I have centered my goals on my strengths and learning to manage my weaknesses. My overall goal is always to be a better version of myself than I was last year and that includes mastering my strengths. You must first know your talents. We are [...]

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How do we grow in our comfort zones?

A few years ago, my daughter convinced me to zipline while vacationing in Costa Rica. I never imagined ziplining on a small easy course near my home let alone flying at speeds of 20-25 miles per hour on lines up to 50 feet in the air and 780 feet in length. It wasn't in my comfort zone, so I thought. Our adventure began on horseback, riding up to the top of a mountain. We then headed on a zipline that routed us through trees and across the slopes of a mountain. The view was truly breathtaking. It was scary at [...]

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Communicate with the Intent to Learn

How intentional are you with your communication? You may be one of those people who dread networking events or meeting new people but perhaps you need to change your mindset.  Engage in small talk with new people with the intention to learn something new. Instead of focusing on what you are going to say, go into the conversation ready to gain new information and get in the mindset to ask questions. Learn about that person, what he does and what you could learn from him. Ask the person about his or her expertise or career. Listen to the answers, be [...]

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5 Keys to Creating an Effective Meeting Agenda

If a meeting goes longer than 90 minutes, I have tuned out. In fact, after 60 minutes, I start to think about other things I have to do unless I am totally engaged in the conversation. I have sat on many boards over the years, and the organizations that are the most productive are those that conduct productive meetings. Every meeting needs an agenda and a strategy. I have attended thousands of meetings in my lifetime. As a communications coach, I have taken note of the disconnects when it comes to conducting a meeting.  I have identified five keys to [...]

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How to Purposefully Promote Employees

How to Purposefully Promote Employees Know strengths and weaknesses of your team before you decide to place people into new positions “Tom Rath, author of ‘StrengthsFinder 2.0 - bestselling book focusing on tapping into your natural talents and overcoming your shortcomings said, “If you focus on people’s weaknesses, they lose confidence.” We all have strengths, and we all have weaknesses. The key is knowing what they are and how to use your strengths and how to manage your weaknesses. As an owner of a business or manager of a company or team, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the staff [...]

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What Career are you Called into? Looking at your natural talent and your childhood games to figure your career path

I was never one of those kids who knew she wanted to be a doctor or lawyer. At some point, I thought about both – being a psychiatrist or business lawyer. I hate the sight of blood so medical school was out and I am not a good test taker and the Bar Exam intimidated me. I always loved to read and write, talk to people, and help people. I was career guiding people long before I became a coach. For years, people asked me to review their resumes and help with job interviews. I was coaching people with their [...]

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A Tool to Keep You on Task

I am running a small Communications and Coaching business and there are certain tools I use to be more efficient. These tools help me manage my day-to-day operations. When I was working as a press secretary for a local elected official, he had two people managing schedule. I was bit jealous because I had to manage my own. Today, I use Calendly. I am truly excited about it. This tool helps me manage my client meetings and personal scheduled. I started with the free trial and got hooked. When you are running a small business like mine, having all the support you can get [...]

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7 Questions to Answer as you set your goals for 2022!

  It’s 2022 and you’re thinking about your goals for the new year. Reaching goals and closing gaps takes planning; it involves communicating with clarity and demonstrating leadership over your life. If your goals include building stronger teams and motivating your talent, you have to listen and learn. Here are 7 questions to answer as you plan to reach your goals for the new year. As leaders and team builders, you can have team members answer the same question. These questions can apply to both your personal and professional life. 1.   What are my personal and professional goals for 2022 and [...]

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Know your goals and create the plan

Knowing where you want to go is one thing but knowing how to get there is something else. I often ask clients: What's Your Story? It's one of our company's signature questions. What's the Plan? That's another signature question. As a coach, I often have question-guided conversations with my clients. They have big goals and small goals. In each session, the client sets the agenda. He shares what he wants to focus on during our time and often, it's a specific goal in mind. It might be something he wants to accomplish in a week or it's part of an [...]

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Seven Strategic Steps to Stay on Point when you Speak

  At The Eastern Catholic Re-Evangelization Center’s (ECRC) Annual Awake My Soul, Fr. Pierre Konja delivered a homily message in less than three minutes – he drove his point home. The mass concluded a nearly six-hour conference. The mass was the 7th hour that started at 11 p.m. He realized people were tired and had a lot to process from the speeches and Praise and Worship music. I got more out of that brief message from Fr. Pierre than I have gotten from other 40-minute homilies. There is something to say about brevity when it comes to public speaking. Those [...]

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