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In a Crisis, the Church must also do what is Right and Just!

During a Catholic mass, attendees recite the words “It is Right and Just” and I thought about those words as Monsignor Tim Hogan from St. Fabian Catholic Church delivered the homily this past Sunday. He talked about the current crisis in the Catholic church calling the reports in Pennsylvania “sinful, criminal and scandalous.” People were brought to tears, one man shouted Amen and many applauded.  […]

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No longer the new kid

By Ashourina Slewo If you had asked me during my last semester at Wayne State where I thought I would end up after graduation, I would not have an answer for you. I have great passion for journalism, but for a 20-something fresh out of college, you are usually met with rejection or unpaid internships and to a certain extent, even passion is not enough. That’s where I was. That is until I got a very brief email from my professor asking me if I would be interested in writing for The Chaldean News. […]

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What are you saying?

Did I just say that? During a show post 9-11 I was co-hosting with my boss Dick Haefner, I said something LIVE on the radio that I could not take back. I was supposed to ask a question of Congressman John Dingell after a commercial break and my boss Dick Haefner was going to introduce him first. He decided during break that I would do the introductions and throw the mic to Dick and he would ask the first question. […]

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Step away from the keyboard

Ashourina Slewo is an Account Specialist and Writer with Denha Media Group We live in a time where the world is at our fingertips. Every answer is a simple Google search away. So many things today are 100 times more accessible than they were 15 to 20 years ago. We have the ability to talk to our loved ones via video chat and simultaneously shop for a new dress. What a world! However, as convenient as the internet and social media are, like most things, it gives way to the ugly side of peoples’ personalities. We are living in the [...]

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Keep that Jargon Away

By Vanessa Denha Garmo with Ashourina Slewo I was sitting a meeting with clients and commented about a social media post being a teaser? Then I said something about B-roll. I quickly realized I was using media jargon that seemed foreign to my clients. Sitting among professionals like yourself, you may use jargon and not think twice about it and that’s okay. You are all in the same or similar profession, jargon is just another facet of your vocabulary. Keep it in that clique, though, because it has no place in your content! There could be a number of reasons [...]

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MSU: the “thing” that needs to be addressed

I have no idea what is going on in those board rooms at Michigan State University but spending 10 minutes talking about the president of the university during a five-hour meeting is no way to handle the “thing” that needs to be addressed. The sexual abuse of more than 140 women over a 20-year period with at least 14 representatives ignoring complaints – as it has been reported – from at least eight athletes is the “thing” that needs to be discussed not deflected. There is nothing else going on at MSU that anyone should care about at this point [...]

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Just hashing out the tags: some tips to remember when using hashtags with social media posts

I actually have a love/hate relationship with hashtags. I have found them distracting at times or as words that dilute the actual message, especially on Twitter.  People can actually “spam” you by using hashtags that may be popular, but not relevant to their message. Being relevant is key when using hashtags. Research shows that hashtags are often effective if used properly. Twitter first introduced hashtags to the social media world in 2007 and, many people are still confused as to how to use them. […]

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When your message gets lost in the divisive delivery

“No one cares what you have to say, if you don’t know how to say it.” I must have heard that phrase a dozen times a month growing up. My father often defended the content of my argument and at the same time criticized my delivery. President Trump and others need to pay attention. I don’t always disagree with his message, but it’s hard to overcome the delivery to appreciate the content. His messages get lost in his divisive delivery. […]

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Is the “PC” platform being thrown-out by non-political players?

So, it’s not often or ever, for me at least, to see a political candidate rhyme a speech and throw out F-bombs. Yet, it doesn’t really matter if it has not been the norm, it’s what people are talking about today. It’s what Kid Rock has done and it’s not anything we should dismiss.   Kid Rock is getting exactly what he wants – the publicity and a larger platform. I have been in the communications business for more than 20 years including in the media, public relations, and marketing. I have covered political candidates and worked for them. [...]

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10 Questions you need to ask yourself before creating website content

It amazes me how many web designers that I talk with create websites for clients who have no content.  So, you realize your company needs a website or an updated one but you have only thought out the design and not the messages.  As content creators, we focus on all platforms, including websites, and are often referred to by web designers to write content. We create written landing pages to entire websites.  Over the years, we have created the top 10 questions people need to ask before we create the website content. […]

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