Communicate your Calendars at the next Team Meeting.

I live by my calendar and list of tasks.

I have an on-going to-do-list on my phone and then I hand write daily lists on a notepad that sits on desk. Occasionally, I review my clients lists and the work I am doing for them and assess if this is the best use of my time based on the agreement.

I also look at my weekly and monthly calendar and review my goals to see if what I have committed to will ultimately help me reach my goals.

Are we busy working on our goals or are we just busy?

Let’s compare our calendar with our values. I used to be a person who never said no to anything someone asked of me. I volunteered on events, committees and projects. I realized I was spending more time on pro bono projects than my actual paying clients and with my family.

I still believe in giving back. Today, I pick specific projects and organizations that I believe in and give them my time. I currently sit on four boards and that is my limit.

The next time you have a team meeting, engage in a conversation about your calendars. You can create an exercise or team building game with the questions below. What we might hear from other people, could give us insight into our own lives. This will also help each person better understand the teammates – colleagues. So, get your calendars and start the conversation.

  1. How does your calendar reflect your values?
  2. How does your calendar reflect your values in relation to your career?
  3. How does your calendar reflect your values in relation to the future you want to build?